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What We Do

De Lise Benefit Solutions works with businesses and organizations to create a voluntary benefits portfolio to offer their employees. With no pressure to purchase the products being offered, we consult and educate employees on the affordable voluntary benefits and help them choose the options that are right for them.

We will work with the business owner and the team to guarantee a smooth enrollment experience from start to finish and deliver quality products to your employees. Learn more about Voluntary Benefits services.

De Lise Benefits also offers services for individuals and entrepreneurs, including insurance and financial planning / counseling. Learn more about our Insurance and Financial Counseling services.

Although we were newly founded in 2016, our team has multiple decades of experience in the human resource and insurance industries. Our clients choose us because we care about the people who receive our benefits, and treat them like our family. We follow up with customers and employees on a regular basis to answer their questions and provide them with guidance for the future.

Based in the Chicago area, we support businesses and individuals in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida and across the United States.

Our Mission

At De Lise Benefit Solutions, it’s our mission to provide better living for employees and individuals through voluntary benefits.

Who We Are

Meet the founders of De Lise Benefit Solutions, LLC.

Brenda De Lise

Brenda De Lise, Co-Founder of De Lise Benefit Solutions is an accomplished insurance and HR professional with over 20 years of experience.

Over the span of the last 7 years, Brenda has been responsible for managing multiple insurance client accounts; from implementing employee benefits to providing enrollment strategies  and ongoing client relations with her accounts. She has worked with Humana, BCBS, Trustmark and Allstate just to name a few. She is also a licensed insurance agent.

Brenda has also served as Director of Human Resources for Americall Group, Inc for 15 years of her career. In this capacity, Brenda was responsible for insurance benefits and renewals, human resource management strategies, recruitment and employee development.

Brenda has a passion for helping people. Her personality lets people know that she cares and is interested in assisting them to reach their goals. That passion is reflected in the way she creates family feel between herself and her clients, that let’s them know she is there to go that extra mile for them. She prides herself in achieving her personal and professional goals, and works to be the best at what she sets out to accomplish. In addition to her work ethics, Brenda strives to be strong knowledge-base and continues to educate herself on the latest changes and strategies in her industry. Some would say that this ethic came from being a United States Marine, which she is very proud of.

When not working, Brenda enjoys cooking, playing golf and spending time with her husband, her three children and their dog.

That passion is reflected in the way she creates a family feel between herself and her clients,

Walter De Lise

Walter De Lise – Founder of De Lise Benefit Solutions has been a significant force in the insurance industry for over 40 years.

Walter started his insurance career in 1961 as a file clerk at Allstate Insurance company. Being exposed to many of the facets in the insurance industry, his passion for insurance developed early on. After further advancing his education, Walter then went on to Bankers Life. There he took on the role of manager for the Customer Service Team. Understanding more of the insurance world, he set out for bigger and better things.

Walter then became the Sales & Marketing Director for National Catholic Society of Foresters in the mid-70’s. There his skills excelled, and he increased policies enforced from $63 million to a $138 million in a six-year period. While gaining ground in this area, he became the Sales & Marketing Director for five other insurance companies: Catholic Workmen, Western Catholic Union, Royal Arcanum, Neighbors of Woodcraft & Ukrainian National Association. Within these roles, Walter developed new insurance policies and was solely responsible for the hiring and development of the sales forces for each company.

After having a long and very successful career, Walter changed gears and went into employee benefits. Over the next 15 years Walter focused on individual and group benefits. Always wanting to help his clients further, Walter became a certified senior advisor. Not shying away from a challenge, he also took the opportunity to become a licensed insurance agent and benefit enroller.

Finally, after many years of working for some of the leading insurance icons during his career, Walter wanted to focus on his dream; his own business. Founding De Lise Benefit Solutions with his wife Brenda is one of his greatest accomplishments. He wanted to build a company that would give clients of any size the experience, knowledge and understanding that he has. From offering life insurance, Medicare supplements, long term care, to IRA’s and annuities from major companies, Walter can advise on it. His goal is for every one of his clients to know just how important each of them are, and that going the extra mile is what everyone will receive from him and his team.

Leading by example, being involved in his community and giving back however he and his family can, are the most cherished attributes of who he is today.

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